Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Giving

Pet Peeve: The story of how you one time nobly tried to give a homeless person they the reason was because they wanted money for drugs or booze...and how outrageous that is...

Case and point: that is not outrageous. Nearly every time the subject of homelessness arises, someone in the discussion volunteers this bu!!s#it of a story. I get it, you did something unselfish and extended your graciousness out to the community…in vain. There was an M. Night Shyamalan twist and alternate motives! Honestly, could you not have come to that conclusion without embarrassingly being rejected by a person that bathes at Barnes & Nobles. Is that is? Are you embarrassed? Of course they want alcohol. If I bathed at a bookstore, sleep on the street, fought for my life, ate bugs, BUGS!...dealt with the guilt of dropping out of Harvard Law to live by my radical ideals resulting in the abandonment of the thinklessness of mainstream society and homelessness…I MIGHT WANT A HOT TODDY.