Thursday, December 18, 2008

Inn'r Chy'!!

Kind greetings fellow waywards, today I come to you from my dark, warm cave. We all have a dark, warm cave: a place to retreat and meditate, re-evaluate, dream. Oh, heaven and hell, I understand you as I do. Corpus Christi, why not do what we want to do, if doing is all we have? Yes, sure, we live among law and 'civilized' society! Yes, nature has a way balancing itself, and man make laws and that is nature and balance. Further, we as individuals claim prerogative to decide our own good and our own bad and our own goals and who shall be our friends and the day we switch hands to wipe our asses for the sake of breaking our own routine. We do. We are pregnant. Everyone of us. Inside of us lives an ideal. The rational call it a conscience, the religious call it the holy spirit, the crazies call it a voice - the true self, the deep down intuition, the ding au sich that is always right and can never be wrong or blind or unaware or ignorant. Take its commands seriously, it is you without any tainted influence, obey you as you would do for you. It knows, it knows, its you, its you, do what you do, you, do do doo!

I dont know! Drink a pot of coffee and read a book cover to cover with athletic concentration! Find a way to jump off a building without hurting yourself. Get naked in public! Grab an old ladies hair and yank it! Build a house upside down! Scream, right now, DO IT, right where your sitting, who cares, DO IT, stop thinking, DO IT! DOOOOOOOOOOOOO'

Monday, December 1, 2008

Got Glad

Its getting colder and a lot of revolutionaries probably are cursed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, so I just wanted to throw an idea your way that might keep shiz in perspective. Whenever I get down, I say to myself, "Man, its all relative." Here are some personal examples:

'shiz, I hate making my bed everyday'... 'ster, at least you GOT a bed'
'why am i so lazy? what am i doing with my life! ...'ster, at least you GOT a life’
'I'm unhappy with the size or performance of my genital member'... 'ster, at least you GOT a dick.'

Now, that last one was not personal. Do you think I would joke so openly, I mean, no, yes, I am appreciative that I have a penis, ok, well for my guys out there, I'm just making a point that, haha point, anyway, that its not at all the end of the world if your octopus tentacle is more like an escargo. If your snake is more like a rat tail. If your rod is more like a ipod wire. I say this because its relevant to the season, its getting even colder guys, we need to protect ourselves, genital-ly AND pyschosexually.

To sum up my message about how its all relative - I would like to offer a pun heavy analogy: Sometimes we’re down, but you’ll be happier if you just realize what you got - a few bucks to buy a magazine or even a happy thought - and use those to pump yourself up, again.

And this one also: When your being hard on yourself, maybe its healthy, if your thinking...relative.

Oh, and this one: Give yourself a hand!