Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Mole the Size of Coal

Hey Waywards, I just found a new mole on my belly. Its about an inch above my belly button and to the right. It looks so weird, I mean, its never been there before! All the sudden you have a new marked place on your body and your like, “yep, that’s part of my body, its never going away…unless I get it medically assisted!” It is just weird to me. Its their rude intrusion that really ticks me off. Now that I’m of age to make decisions and I am used to the moles I have, I should I be consulted, or something.

Knock Knock, door opens.

Moles: “Hi we’re your new moles, since you have preferences you get to pick we’re your two new moles will go. We usually suggest hidden under the arm, or behind the ear were nobody will see our grotesqueness.”

Me: “Yeah, good suggestions, new moles, I mean, I’d be silly to place you right on my belly were pool side summer outings would suffer.”

They hop onto his body, and his day goes about almost completely unchanged.

No, this won’t happen! They just show up! Like an unwanted cat. My instincts are to throw this mole into a bag and smash it up against a brick wall like I’d do in middle school.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to get Inspired with Wayward Ease

Inspiration sometimes is thought to be lost. Well, Waywards, its not. I just feels so. Inspiration is everywhere, and all it needs is your awareness of its presence.

Not convinced? Shut up! Listen, if your breathing right now, your inspired. If your reading these words, you either agree or disagree and your brains wheels are turning and you have some opinion. Yes. Yes you do, shut you shut up...Your resistance is real, your consideration is real, your awareness is real. Just look at anything in the room that your sitting in and think: where did I get that? why do I have that? what is its relationship to me? There's a story there, there's history and life and possibilities.

I'll do it with you. Ok...I have a scented candle on my desk. Its clean linen smell. Shut up. I bought this for my girlfriend as a welcome-to-moving-to-New-York-gift and on the day we moved into a new apartment. haha- I just now realized we moved into a place that has no washer/dryer in the building.