Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Mole the Size of Coal

Hey Waywards, I just found a new mole on my belly. Its about an inch above my belly button and to the right. It looks so weird, I mean, its never been there before! All the sudden you have a new marked place on your body and your like, “yep, that’s part of my body, its never going away…unless I get it medically assisted!” It is just weird to me. Its their rude intrusion that really ticks me off. Now that I’m of age to make decisions and I am used to the moles I have, I should I be consulted, or something.

Knock Knock, door opens.

Moles: “Hi we’re your new moles, since you have preferences you get to pick we’re your two new moles will go. We usually suggest hidden under the arm, or behind the ear were nobody will see our grotesqueness.”

Me: “Yeah, good suggestions, new moles, I mean, I’d be silly to place you right on my belly were pool side summer outings would suffer.”

They hop onto his body, and his day goes about almost completely unchanged.

No, this won’t happen! They just show up! Like an unwanted cat. My instincts are to throw this mole into a bag and smash it up against a brick wall like I’d do in middle school.



cadoodler said...

I hate to sound like your mom, but any new thing on your body you should have checked out. They don't dig huge holes when they suspect it's an alien piece of coal anymore, so have it checked out.
And, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog about "The Subject was Roses." It was a great year for film, don't cha think?
Doo' is on my reader list so I can check in.